Carol Holt Facebook Page Information


Facebook Permission Form

At Carol Holt Elementary, we work hard to keep parents informed of all the wonderful things going on at school.  One tool we plan to utilize this year is the Carol Holt Elementary Facebook page.  

In addition to updating families on upcoming events we would also like to share pictures that are taken at school.  However, we respect the privacy and wishes of our student’s parents.  At this time we ask for you to let us know if you do not permit your child's photo to be posted.  An example may include pictures taken while students are doing something special in class.   
If you have not already liked our page on Facebook, it can be found at  

Please read the questions carefully and complete the form. You will have to complete the form separately for siblings. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Summerville at 817-299-6460.

Thank You, 
Thelma Foster
Carol Holt Elementary Principal