Pick Up of Student Items and Drop Off of Library Books May 19th

Hello Carol Holt Parents,

We hope you and your students are doing well! We miss our students very much during the school closure. We have recently received permission to contact you to make you aware of the details for picking up student items and dropping off school library books that need to be returned. Our teachers have been working very hard over the last two weeks to gather up student possessions from classrooms and to prepare them so that they can be returned to you while continuing to work hard on distance learning.

On Tuesday, May 19, we will have a small group of staff available for drive through pick up of your student’s items. There will be two windows of opportunity for you to come to the school on that day: 10 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 7 PM. 

Instructions & Important Information: 

•    Please drive to the school on Tuesday, May 19 during one of the time windows that is most          convenient for you. 10 AM – 2 PM or 5 PM – 7 PM.

•    Please enter the parent car pick up driveway on Harris that goes behind the school building and make one line of cars along the sidewalk. 

•    Please put your student’s red car tag in the car window closest to the curb and tell staff your child’s homeroom teacher. If you do not have your car tag, please write your child’s full name and classroom teacher in a piece of paper (Make sure the writing is big so we can see it).

•    Our staff will get your students bag of items from the Cafeteria and bring it to your vehicle. 

•    We will also have our lost and found items on display outside so you can tell a staff member if an item belongs to your child. 

•    If you have a library book to return, please bring it with you and give it to the staff member who brings your student’s items to your vehicle. Library books will be stored in storage bins for three or more days before they are officially scanned in to our library. Ms. Caddell, our school librarian, will email parents who need to return library books on Friday, May 15. 

•    Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves during Student Item Pick Up. Please maintain social distancing with staff and other families while picking up your child’s items. At this time, only staff members will be allowed to enter the school and due to Mansfield ISD social distancing guidelines we will have a limited number of staff helping pass out items. 

•    We are also hoping to have the student’s pictures for you to pick up on this day.

Thank you for your flexibility during the COVID-19 school closure! Please let your student know that we miss them and we really cannot wait to see them again.

Respectfully yours,
Thelma Foster, Principal
Adam Bender, Asst. Principal